NYC Marathon cancelled for Sunday.

2 Nov


FINNISH—ED. No more marathon, New York City and Mayor Bloomberg have finally succumbed to the criticism and controversy that came from the decision to allow the race to go on as scheduled. That decision divided the city of New York, after the devastation Hurricane Sandy left.

Like all big events they have contingency plans, and a lot of of charities and businesses were depending on the more than $300 Million revenue generated from the marathon. There’s the debate whether the event would be a positive or negative distraction from the recent natural disaster, whether it was just a money grab to allow it to go on as scheduled. I can see both sides of the coin, on one side you have a devastated city with many still surfing and recovering, but then on the other hand you have an event that generates extreme revenue, brings people from all over the world together, who have logistically and physically planned for the marathon for months and months, if not the entire year.

As of now the marathon has been cancelled there’s no word as if it’s postpone or if it will be reschedule. Logistically speaking, I don’t know how that will happen, the weather will only continue to get worse as we’re moving into winter. Additionally, all the participants who planned their lives, flights, training sessions, hotel accommodations, etc. around this specific weekend and event. I understand the cancellation of the marathon, if that’s ok why not postpone the NFL and NBA events that are still taking place in New York City this weekend?

Do you have an issue with the NYC Marathon cancellation, while the NFL and NBA events are going on as scheduled?

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