Denise Helms, California woman, in assassination talk calls Obama N-Word.

11 Nov

Denise Helms, 22-year-old California woman, after President Barack Obama won re-election decided to take her feelings and thoughts publicly to Facebook. After posting her inflammatory and derogatory statement the post spread like wildfire, reason being her post read:

“Another 4 years of this [N-word]. Maybe he will get assassinated this term.”

After the post went viral, a heal of criticism came her way, turns out that wasn’t the least of her worries. The secret service got wind of it. Even with all the criticism and potential criminal actions she’s facing and may come her way she still holds onto the claim that she doesn’t understand what she did wrong.

Helms believes that the president hasn’t done or improved anything, yet according to the The Modesto Bee, Helms was not a registered voter in the state of California. Which brings into question, if you feel that way and that strongly why not do the most powerful simplest thing that you can do, and that’s going out and exercising your vote.


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