Denise Helms, California woman, in assassination talk calls Obama N-Word.

11 Nov

Denise Helms, 22-year-old California woman, after President Barack Obama won re-election decided to take her feelings and thoughts publicly to Facebook. After posting her inflammatory and derogatory statement the post spread like wildfire, reason being her post read:

“Another 4 years of this [N-word]. Maybe he will get assassinated this term.”

After the post went viral, a heal of criticism came her way, turns out that wasn’t the least of her worries. Continue reading

Existence of one soulmate: Is LOVE the biggest scam of all?

10 Nov

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British Artist Laura Mvula’s: beautiful, soulful, and talented.

9 Nov

“She” – Laura Mvula

“Like the Morning Dew” – Laura Mvula

Her EP entitled “She” comes out November 18th (RCA), and will be available for download on her website:

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Talib Kweli Ft. Maino – To The Music (Prod. By 9th Wonder)

9 Nov

Tough record and collaboration off the mixtape: “Attack The Block.”

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President Barack Obama tears up as he thanks campaign staff.

9 Nov

“I’m Really Proud of All of You.” – President Barack Obama

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